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Welcome to Out of Oblivion

This site is based on the Historic Environment Record (HER) maintained by the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority.

Our aims are to increase your enjoyment of the Yorkshire Dales and to help you understand more about the unique cultural landscape of the area created through the interactions of people and nature over thousands of years.test

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Timelines starts with a geological overview then takes you on a tour through 12,000 years of human history in the Yorkshire Dales


Themes contains information arranged under topic headings such as ‘Leisure’ and ‘Agriculture’


Explore is a dale by dale guide to getting out and about in the historic landscape of the Yorkshire Dales

Kids’ Zone

Kids’ Zone is a section for children with stories and reports on work done by local ‘Young Archaeologists’

Linked to these sections is a small, illustrated database of sites and artefacts which is based on our much larger Historic Environment Record. A digital version of the Historic Environment Record for the Yorkshire Dales National Park can be searched on the Archaeology Data Service website. This database contains more specialised and technical information about sites in the park.