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Download Help

Podcast Help

You can download our audio guides in a few easy steps. Click on the Audio Trail links to listen to each one on your computer. If you want to download the audio onto your MP3 player, iPod or mobile phone, follow these simple instructions. Note that the Ribblehead trail is a single audio file while the others have each stopping point as a single audio file:

  1. Right click on the orange podcast button (or html link) and select Copy Shortcut. If you use Firefox, instead of Internet Explorer, right click and select Copy link location.
  2. Open your aggregator (eg: itunes, Juice). You can download these for free using the links at the bottom of this page.
  3. Paste the link into your aggregator*.
  4. You now have access to all the available audio guides, which will automatically be saved onto your hard drive. You can download each guide onto your MP3 player the same as you would any other audio (ie: by plugging your MP3 player into your computer via USB and transferring the audio using your compatible software).
  5. You can download a map of each trail to accompany the audio by clicking on the links below.
  6. Use the appropriate map for each trail. Except for the Ribblehead trail each audio track number corresponds to the same point number on the map. We recommend starting each new track shortly before reaching that point on the trail.

* In iTunes, go to Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast and paste the link in there. The audio will be saved on your hard drive, for example in C:\... My Documents\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Music\Podcasts.

* In Juice, go to 'Add new feed' (or the "+" symbol).

Aggregator Software

Acrobat Reader Help

Opening PDF Files

To open a PDF file you have to download a program called Acrobat Reader and install it onto your computer. The program is available free of charge from the Adobe Acrobat site. Because the download is large (typically between 8MB and 16MB) you may find easier to find a copy of the program on one of the CDs distributed by computer magazines.

PDF files and browsers

You can configure your web browser to open PDF files either within the browser window or in a separate Adobe Acrobat window. There are detailed instructions on the Acrobat website on how to do so for different browsers.