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Burton Moor hut circles

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Burton Moor hut circles - aerial photo

YDNPA, 2004 , (ANY 210/21)

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Burton Moor hut circles

Historical Environment Record No: MYD4460

Parish: Burton cum Walden

OS Grid Reference: SE030860

Dale: Lower Wensleydale

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The prehistoric settlement on Burton Moor comprises of a nucleated series of irregular enclosures and hut circles. There is a minimum of 14 enclosures and at least as many hut circles along with a well-defined field system. The huts vary in size from 4.0 metres to 11.0 metres in diameter and are mainly incorporated into the enclosure walls although some are isolated and free standing. The enclosures average about 50.0 metres by 40.0 metres in size. The field system is approximately 250 metres to the north west and is marked by boulder walling.
Fairless, Kenneth, J (2004) 'Burton Moor Settlement' in White, R F & Wilson, P R (eds) (2004) Archaeology and Historic Landscapes of the Yorkshire Dales. Yorkshire Archaeological Society Occasional Paper No 2 pp99-104


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