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Harpoon point from Victoria Cave

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Harpoon point from Victoria Cave


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Harpoon point from Victoria Cave

Historical Environment Record No: MYD36684

Parish: Langcliffe

OS Grid Reference:

Dale: Ribblesdale

Link to Archaeology Data Service:


This barbed harpoon point is made from deer antler and was found during the 19th century excavations of Victoria Cave. The tip is broken. It dates to around 11,000 years ago and it probably arrived in the cave embedded in a scavenged or dying animal that had been hunted by the first known inhabitants of the Yorkshire Dales. An antler rod and ‘lance point’ were also found.
King, Alan (1970) Early Pennine Settlement Clapham:Dalesman

White, Robert (2002) The Yorkshire Dales. A Landscape Through Time Ilkley: Great Northern Books


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