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Haw Beck Springs burnt mounds, Thoralby

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Haw Beck Springs burnt mounds

YDNPA, 2004, (BM4)

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Haw Beck Springs burnt mounds, Thoralby

Historical Environment Record No: MYD36553

Parish: Thoralby

OS Grid Reference: SD976871

Dale: Lower Wensleydale

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Two burnt mound sites have been located by field archaeologists on the north banks of streams rising from strong springs that run into Haw Beck near Thoralby. The maximum height of the burnt mounds is 1.25 metres. They are made up of reddened fire-cracked stones now covered with turf or peat. The heated stones were used to boil water either for cooking or perhaps to produce steam for simple sweat lodges or saunas. They seem to date from the Bronze Age. Three roughly circular burnt mounds were found at one of the Haw Beck Springs sites, placed around a central level area. Single, upright stones (orthostats) show through the turf and these may indicate the presence of structures such as hearths. At the second site, only two mounds were seen, although there may be more under the peat. More orthostats were found. Source: Laurie, T C (2003) 'Researching the Prehistory of Wensleydale, Swaledale and Teesdale' in Manby, T G et al (eds) (2003) The Archaeology of Yorkshire: an assessment at the beginning of the 21st century. Yorkshire Archaeological Society Occasional Paper No 3 pp223-253 Laurie, Tim (2004) 'Burnt Mounds in Wensleydale and Swaledale' White, R F & Wilson, P R (eds) (2004) Archaeology and Historic Landscapes of the Yorkshire Dales. Yorkshire Archaeological Society Occasional Paper No 2 pp79-88

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