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Long handled antler comb, Kettlewell

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Long handled antler comb, Kettlewell

YDNPA, 2004,

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Long handled antler comb, Kettlewell

Historical Environment Record No: MYD36705

Parish: Kettlewell

OS Grid Reference:

Dale: Upper Wharfedale

Link to Archaeology Data Service:


This comb was discovered by archaeologists in 1997 during work to replace electricity poles near Kettlewell. It was carved from the antler of a red deer and could be any date from mid-Bronze Age to Anglo-Saxon. The comb showed signs of heavy wear and may have been used to beat up the weft during the weaving of cloth. Source: Cale, Kevin J (2004) ' "Was The Skeleton Lady Dead?" in White, R F & Wilson, P R (eds) (2004) Archaeology and Historic Landscapes of the Yorkshire Dales. Yorkshire Archaeological Society Occasional Paper No 2 pp105-110


Private collection

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